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Designed to exceed the requirements of installing underground cables, the CBS C-1045 Pull and Assist Winch employs a large 32″ diameter single capstan to provide controlled pulling force on rope or tape. This single capstan design allows the winch to be placed at the mid point of a section to assist in the pull enabling longer overall pull lengths.

Unlike traditional pullers that must be re-assembled on every operation, the C-1045 is always ready for the job. Mounted on a sturdy all steel chassis equipped with torsion suspension axles and stabilising prop legs, the C-1045 is secure and easy to position of multitude of ground types.

The integrated storage reel will pull the line off the capstan and store it as you are pulling which means you might be able to reuse your pulling line instead of disposing of it after the operation is finished. The C-1045’s capstan can also be angled at 45 degrees in order to figure eight the cable.

Operator controls are simple to use and ergonomic with a spring-centred lever that controls the direction of rotation of the capstan while the detent level engages the take-up drum drive. A control knob limits the maximum rope/cable tension based on readings from the panel mounted  tension indicator.