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Ideal for installing cables in trenches and underground work, the CBS C-1350 Cable Pusher boosts the efficiency of your team by providing the often needed mid-assisting support between the cable reel and winch.

Hydraulically driven and powered by an external power pack with an output of 4 gallons/minute and 1500 max psi for peak performance we recommend using the C-1203 Hydraulic Power Pack which features an integrated oil cooler which is required for long periods of work.

Compatible with a wide range of accessories, the C-1350 can meet all your cable pushing needs, and can be used with the following:

  • Corrosion protected steel “V” Frame Guide Set is positioned in front of the cable reel to guide the cable into the trench or duct.
  • The Trench Feed Roller, also manufactured from corrosion protected steel, features adjustable vertical guide rollers designed to feed cables into trenches or ducts.
  • Hoop Rollers, Heavy Duty Cable Rollers or Trench Rollers can be used at necessary intervals to help minimise cable drag.
  • Corner Rollers should be used for guiding cable around corners and reducing friction.