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Versatile general purpose winch, the Lightweight Capstan Winch packs a powerful pulling capacity of 1000kg when powered by the 8 HP engine, and 500kg when powered by the lighter 5.5 HP engine. this makes the C-1035 perfect for pulling lines for fibre optics and small diameter power conductors.

The simple and elegant design of this winch combines a reliable Honda gasoline engine with a right angle gear box with is all mounted onto a capstan. This design can be positioned over a manhole for easy lifting and pulling. The integrated crossbar stabiliser is practical and can be stored within the frame for a more compact size when transporting and storing.

The simple design also lends a simple operation and maintenance so that the Capstan Winch spends more of its time on the job and not in the garage, making it one of our most productive pieces of equipment.