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More and more cables are on the market than ever before, so you need one machine that can be adaptable to all types of cables and sizes – meet the CBS Whisper.

Designed around being adaptable to different cable sizes ranging from 2-8.5mm in diameter, the Whisper provides a single solution for installing cables at the end of the infrastructure network with its unparalleled flexibility and simple to use design. In addition the Whisper can be configured to be compatible with flat drop fibres with or without tracers.

Powered by an external drill, we recommend using a variable speed model with adjustable torque setting powered by an 18-20 volt battery. Additionally a brushless type drill manufactured by an industrial grade manufacturer will ensure a long life for both the blowing machine and drill.

[The Whisper] works well, is easy to use, and offers value [unsurpassed] in it’s price range.

Chris Gemme

Manage of Product and Customer Support Engineering, CommScape