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Keeping the CBS Tornado Cable Blowing Machine maintained is critical to keeping it working at peak efficiency, and is a relativity simple task for your team to carry out. In this blog we’ll cover the most important maintenance that is often overlooked – the proper lubrication of the drive chains.

Every time that you or your team use the Tornado Blowing Machine, the following lubrication should be carried out, this will help prevent the chain from running dry and inefficiently – causing increased job times and wear on the components of the Tornado. We suggest using Metaflux Spray Grease 70-80 – the same grease we send with the Tornado from the factory.

Follow these steps below to properly lubricate the chains of your Tornado Cable Blowing Machine:

  1. Run the Tornado at 45m/min without any cable or applied air
  2. Carefully insert the spray tube from the canister into the red painted holes on the operator side of both the top and bottom aluminium drive castings until the chain can just be felt
  3. Withdraw the spray tube 20-25mm and spray for approximately 1 second

Warning: Do not over lubricate the Tornado’s chains as this can lead to the drive belts becoming contaminated with lubricant. If contamination does occur thoroughly wipe the belts clean before attempting to blow any cables. Do not use harsh solvents. Do not use WD40 or similar sprays as these contain solvents that will wash away the graphite lubricant in the bearings.

This simple maintenance service on the Tornado is necessary to keep the machine in pristine condition and will prevent down time and lost revenue in the future.