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Built to safely and efficiently install blown fibre into microducts using a battery operated drill and compressed air, the CBS GentL Air Blowing Machine is a portable and affordable solution that still offers a powerful array of features.

Designed around 1-3mm diameter cables in duct sizes of 4-7mm, the GentL Air is ideal for installing today’s popular small size fibre optic cables. These small cables can be delicate which is why the GentL Air is designed to put as little stress on them as possible. Supplied with a built-in clutch mechanism, the GentL Air protects the cables during installation and is fully adjustable so you can find the right settings for optimised blowing.

We recommend using a crash test to determine the clutch settings before blowing – simply take a piece of duct, put a cap on the end and run fibre into the duct until it hits the dead end. Start the test at a low clutch setting, increasing over time to find the optimal setting without over pushing the cable.

Due to its compact natural and external power source, the GentL Air is easy to transport between jobs and is supplied with a travel bag. Optional accessories include a tripod mount, and a drill stand for sturdy placement while blowing helping to make using the GentL Air Blowing Machine easier than ever.