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Compliant, double belt drive configured blowing machine, the CBS Pneumatic AirStream is trusted by installers for fast and efficient installations in the world of fibre to the home networks.

Compressed air is required for cable blowing which also powers the AirStream’s pneumatic motor, making the CBS AirStream a versatile choice that doesn’t require an external power source. Designed around a tabletop design, the AirStream is ergonomic and comfortable for using with a variety of microduct and microfibre combinations. Easy to use speed and torque controls, and an electronic display of speed or distance, the AirStream is the perfect choice to provide your team the tool they need to get the job done.

Robust construction, high reliability, and a low maintenance requirement helps to keep the AirStream and your team productive throughout the day, week in, week out which is why it’s trusted by the leading fibre installation companies.