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Pulling socks or stockings, are indispensable in many different cable pulling applications. Our range of light, general and heavy duty stockings are manufactured from high-tensile, galvanized steel wire that is evenly hand woven in a single, double or triple wire weave according to pulling tension requirements. Slipped over the outside of the cable, when tension is applied, the grip contracts applying the pulling force to the cable. We reverse weave our grips which create a loop at the end of the grip instead of being crimped or soldered together. The wire is then joined under the crimped head, thus creating a higher quality product that outlasts the competition.

CBS also produce a range of non-conductive stockings. Made from high strength parallel-stranded fibre with a polyethylene sheath, these are also non-corrosive and abrasive resistant, and prevent damage to other components during pulling operations.