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CBS Range of Cable and Fibre blowing machines.

Our range of specialist blowing machines offer the fastest and most reliable method of installing cable and fibre into tubes and ducts. From our highly versatile Tornado, which can fulfill any cable blowing need from 6-32mm and has proven itself around the world, to the AccelAir2, which is our most compact unit and offers a portable solution for all smaller fibre blowing requirements.

C-1250 Tornado

The Tornado is the largest and most powerful in our range of cable blowing machines and has been designed to be a safe and effective method of installing cables from 6-32mm into ducts ranging from 25-63mm o/d. It’s sturdy design and ease of use means that is has proven highly successful, not just in the UK, but all over the world including Europe, Africa and the USA, where it can withstand even the most extreme climate and terrain. The system is driven by a hydraulic petrol powerpack, whist compressed air feeds the cable through with the aid of the hydraulically powered drive belts, which provide maximum cable protection.

C-1900 Jetstream

The Jetstream is one of our newer machines, having gone into production in 2014 after successful trails with our agent in Belgium. The unit is built with maximum cable protection in mind thanks to its double belt drive system, which installs cables ranging from 4-20mm into duct diameters 12-50mm. Power by a 32cc hydraulic motor, the JetStream offers high performance and reliability. The Jetstream has proved highly successful both in the UK and Europe, and more recently in the Middle East where it was more than capable of coping with the extreme conditions. Supplied with it’s own carry case the JetStream is easy to transfer between jobs and can be fitted with an optional Inlet and layflat hose which is smaller and lighter – taking up less room and making it easier to use.

C-1700 Airstream

Using a compliant, double belt drive system, which provides maximum cable protection, the AirStream is trusted by installers for fast and efficient installations. Table-top design and single person operation with safe, easy to operate ergonomic controls combines with low maintenance and high reliability to form the machine’s key features. The unit is adjustable to suit cable ranges from 2.5-11mm installed into tube sizes of 5-18mm. It has proven most popular in the UK and European markets, with the equally reliable pneumatic version also available.

C-1800 AccelAir2

The smallest in our range of blowing machines, the AccelAir2 offers a compact and simple but reliable method of installing even the smallest of fibres of up to 3mm into tubes up to 10mm diameter. Sophisticated buckle protection prevents damage to smaller fibres up to 1.6mm, enabling the unit to install at speeds of up 100m/min. The unit comes with its own handheld carrycase with storage for the remote, spare battery and required accessories therefore enabling easy transportation and storage. Mostly popular within the UK and European markets with technicians installing fibre to the home.