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CBS Drum Stands & Drum Trailers

Designed to make your life on site easier our range of drum trailers and stands offer robust and reliable solutions to a wide range of tasks, from trailers for transporting larger drums to the work site or stands of various sizes for smaller drums.

C-751 Drum Trailer

The C-751 Drum Trailer has been designed to be a compact and manoeuverable drum trailer, capable of handling cable drums from 1800mm to 2185mm in diameter and a maximum drum weight of 1000kg to 1630kg. Manufactured in strong steel sections, it incorporates manually operated hydraulic lifting of drums. There is also an optional drum braking arrangement, this is particularly useful when pulling the conductor during conductor stringing operations. Trailer braking is of the over-run type and is supplied to EC specification. All versions are IVA approved.

C-1290 Triple Braked Drum Trailer

The C-1290 Triple Braked Drum Trailer is a uniquely versatile tool, a single operator can independently control the tension of all three conductors. Ideally suited to the needs of cost conscious installation crews who require fast turnarounds and maximum productivity. Supplied with a full set of detachable stabilisers to maximise trailer stability during tensioning. Fitted with smooth operating disk brake for conductor control. 

D-684 Braked Drum Stand

The CBS D-684 drum stand is compact in size and is available in up to either 2 or 4 tonne capacity. Each side is fitted with wheels to allow for easy transportation. Drum lifting is achieved with two hand operated hydraulic jacks. An adjustable band brake provides safe, controlled cable tensioning.

D-711 Braked Drum Stand

The CBS D-711 Braked Drum Stand has been designed in sections for ease of transportation and is simple to assemble without instructions. Accommodates drum weights of up to 1500kg. The stands incorporate a band brake to provide safe and smooth cable tensioning. Two hydraulic pumps provide drum lifting to the desired working height.

D-1156-01 Cable Drum Stand

The D-1156-01 Drum Stand has been designed in sections for ease of transportation and simply slots together to form a rigid and stable drum stand. Accommodates drum weights of up to 500kg. The shaft is fitted with bearings and drum location collars are also included. Two hydraulic jacks provide drum lifting.

Roll on Drum Stands

D-496-01 Roll on Drum Stand allows a range of drums up to 1500kg in weight to be accommodated to suit the majority of applications. Manufactured in steel, with ball bearings in the rollers, the stand is suitable for pulling off cable from the drum.

The D-998 is manufactured in steel, with sleeved bearings in the rollers, this portable lightweight unit is particularly suitable for small to medium drum sizes of up to 500kg.

Drum Jacks

The CBS range of cable drum jacks are maunfactured in a sturdy steel construction with heavy duty Acme screw threads to provide safe lifting. Available in 3 different sizes to accommodate up to 3, 6 or 8 tonne capacity – 2 x stands required – with a variety of spindles available to suit different drum sizes. Jack steady bases are also available to provide extra stability.

D-536 Hydraulic Drum Jacks, which are lightweight and almost indispensable for use in the cable yard. Versatile and easily adjustable within seconds to accommodate a vast range of drums. Excellent all-round stability, fitted with wheels to be easily moved by one person. Complete with spindle and collars. Available in 3 different sizes to accommodate up to 3, 6 or 10 tonne capacity.