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CBS Tornado Cable Blowing Machine

We are the only company here in the UK that manufacture and sell our own range of cable blowing machines, the largest of which is the Tornado. This machine has been designed to to provide a safe and effective method of installing cables ranging from 6-32mm (0.25-1.25″) into a pre-installed duct. The Tornado is fast and will install the cable at a speed of 90m/min (300 ft/min) to maximise job efficiency.

An aluminium air box and cable pusher are the backbones allowing the Tornado Cable Blowing Machine to install the cable with or without an existing missile. While the machine is operating, hydraulically powered caterpillar belts controls the way the fibre optic cables are driven into the air ducts. An electronic monitoring system generates read-outs of the speed and distance of the cable, while also protecting the cable from any obstructions that may arise and being able to facilitate an emergency stop. 

The machine sits on a lightweight tubular-steel frame able to be tilted at a 30-degree angle to reach manholes, bending and strain on the wires are significantly reduced with this feature of the machine. The height of the frame is also adjustable so the entire machine is easy to maneouver and able to adjust to any terrain.