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The C-1800 Fibre Blowing Machine (Accelair 2) has been developed to provide a simple to use and reliable fibre blowing solution. The Accelair 2 is designed to fit a fibre range from 1 to 3mm diameter, thereby providing the complete range of blown fibre installation solutions from one machine.

The Accelair 2 is a compact integrated fibre blowing machine benefiting from full automation and fibre management; sophisticated fibre protection is implemented to ensure the fibre mechanical and optical integrity is maintained. The machine only requires a single 24V D.C. electrical supply and compressed air to operate.


Fibre Compatibility:Up to 1.6 mm with buckle protection, up to 3 mm without buckle protection
Blowing Speed:0-100 metres per minute without buckle detection
0-50 metres per minute with buckle detection
Compatible Tubes:3 mm to 10 mm
Automation:In buckle mode, the machine is self regulating
Air Supply:15 Bar max working pressure complete with suitable air conditioning (drying)
Electrical Supply:Universal mains power supply (supplied as standard): 85-265V AC 47/63Hz or 120-370V DC input, 24V DC 2.2A output. Battery pack and vehicle adaptor available upon request.
Control:Remote user interface with backlit screen provides all necessary information; including current distance, speed, torque setting and fibre status.
Machine size:L: 184mm, W: 120mm, H: 166mm, Weight: 3kg
Case Size:L: 520mm, W: 430mm, H: 220mm, Weight: 12kg
Accelair 2

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Product No.: C-1800
Accelair 2 Fibre Blowing Machine c/w Power Cable, Universal Mains Supply and carry case

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