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Apollo Cable Lasher

The latest word in aerial cable lashing and perfect for all telecom cable construction, including fiber optic hybrid fiber/coaxial and broadband cable.

With its light weight and parallel-pull capability, you’ll string cable quickly and easily, over all outside plant cable routes. The Apollo is a machine that’s lightweight, easy-to-handle and simple to operate and maintain.

Apollo has all of the versatility and performance features you need to easily handle today’s broadband lashing applications, solving all of the problems associated with pulling parallel to the strand and through densely crowded cable routes.



  • Lashes any telcom cable/innerduct combination up to 102 mm (4 in.) diameter.
  • Parallel-pull capability overcomes all terrain obstacles.
  • Interference-free over-lashing with no modifications.
  • Positive slip-free gear drive (no belts), tested in excess of 1 million cycles between failures.
  • Ideal for overlashing to existing selfsupport cables or self.
  • Lashes to strand sizes 6-10 mm (1/4 in. to 3/8 in.) diameter.
  • Holds two coils of industry standard wire 1.1 mm x 365 m (.045 in. x 1200 ft.) or 1 mm x 488 m (.038 in. x 1,600 ft.).
  • Provides adjustable tension of lashing wire, affording tight or loose lash as required.
  • Wire tension constant regardless of amount remaining on spool.
  • No lasher backroll when pulling force removed.
Apollo Cable Lasher

Ordering Info

Product No Description
G-GMP-70400Apollo Cable Lasher c/w Case
G-GMP-30780Case only
G-GMP-70190Towing Lanyard 10.7m
Lashing Wire
Apollo lasher in use