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Threaded Rod End Fittings

A male rod end fitting is supplied as standard with mini, midi and maxi rods. Replacement threaded rod end fittings allow the connection to other duct rod accessories, such as tapered rod ends, flexible guide ends, roller guides etc. Male and Female ends are available with M5, M6 and M12 threads.

Male Thread

Product NoDescription
B-101-END-M-FMale end for 4.5mm Mini Rods
B-102-END-M-FMale end for 6.7mm Midi Rods
B-103-END-M-FMale end for 9mm Maxi Rods
B-104-END-M-FMale end for 11mm Maxi Rods
B-105-END-M-FMale end for 14mm Maxi Rods

Female Thread

Product NoDescription
B-101-END-F-FFemale end for 4.5mm Mini Rods
B-102-END-F-FFemale end for 6.7mm Midi Rods
B-103-END-F-FFemale end for 9mm Maxi Rods
B-104-END-F-FFemale end for 11mm Maxi Rods rods
B-105-END-F-FFemale end for 14mm Maxi Rods

Jointing Ferrules

Used to repair breakages in mini, midi and maxi rods. The ferrule is bonded to the rod with a two part adhesive.

Product NoDescription
B-101-FERR-FFerrule for 4.5mm Mini rods
B-102-FERR-FFerrule for 6.7mm Midi rods
B-103-FERR-FFerrule for 9mm Maxi rods
B-104-FERR-FFerrule for 11mm Maxi rods
B-105-FERR-FFerrule for 14mm Maxi rods

Tapered Rod Ends

Supplied as standard with mini, midi and maxi rods, to guide the rod through the duct and allow the pulling rope to be attached to the rod.

Product NoDescription
B-101-TIP-FTapered rod end for mini rods
B-102-TIP-FTapered rod end for midi rods
B-103-4-TIP-FTapered rod end for maxi rods


Used with tapered rod end when a larger pulling loop is required. Available for mini, midi and maxi rods.

Product NoDescription
B-101-2-SHACK-FShackle for mini and midi rods
B-103-4-SHACK-FShackle for maxi rods

Flexible Guide End

Used to guide duct rods around bends. Available for use with maxi rods.

Product No: B-103-4-FLEX

Flexible Guide End for Maxi Rods  

Swivel Connector

Used to connect two duct rods together when the required rodding length exceeds a single duct rod.  Available for use with 9mm, 11mm and 14mm maxi rods

Product No: B-103-4-SWIV

Swivel Connector for Maxi Rods  

Roller Guide

Used in connection with maxi rods, this roller guide allows the duct rod to pass around bends and duct misalignments.

Product No: B-103-4-ROLL

Roller Guide for Maxi Rods


Rod Diameter:                        9mm / 11mm / 14mm
Duct Diameter:                       60mm

Cable Avoidance

Cable Pulling Grips