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CBS Tornado Cable Blowing Machine

CBS Tornado Cable Blowing Machine

CBS Tornado Cable Blowing Machine

We are the only company here in the UK that manufacture and sell our own range of cable blowing machines, the largest of which is the Tornado. This machine has been designed to to provide a safe and effective method of installing cables ranging from 6-32mm (0.25-1.25″) into a pre-installed duct. The Tornado is fast and will install the cable at a speed of 90m/min (300 ft/min) to maximise job efficiency.

An aluminium air box and cable pusher are the backbones allowing the Tornado Cable Blowing Machine to install the cable with or without an existing missile. While the machine is operating, hydraulically powered caterpillar belts controls the way the fibre optic cables are driven into the air ducts. An electronic monitoring system generates read-outs of the speed and distance of the cable, while also protecting the cable from any obstructions that may arise and being able to facilitate an emergency stop. 

The machine sits on a lightweight tubular-steel frame able to be tilted at a 30-degree angle to reach manholes, bending and strain on the wires are significantly reduced with this feature of the machine. The height of the frame is also adjustable so the entire machine is easy to maneouver and able to adjust to any terrain.

CBS Running Out Blocks

CBS Running Out Blocks

CBS Running Out Blocks

The CBS range of running out blocks have been designed to suit almost every application when it comes to working at height with poles, cross arms and conductors of any size.

D-687 Double Sheave Running Out Block

Designed to be strong but light, the D-687 is ideally suited for pole work. The aluminium sheaves are mounted on sealed ball bearings for low resistance. 500kg SWL.

D-685 Single Offset Sheave Running Out Block

This block has the same features as the CBS 687 but with a single sheave which is offset to assist with fixing the conductor to the clamp. 300kg SWL.

D-686 Intermediate Running Out Block

The D-686 has a split frame and hooks to locate on to brackets. The aluminium sheave is mounted on sealed ball bearings while guide rings protect the conductor from damage. 300kg SWL.

D-793 Rear Pole Roller Block

The D-793 has been designed to be suitable for stringing conductors at the rear of an angle pole. 600kg SWL.

D-798 Pole Traversing Block

The D-798 block allows the stringing operation to be fed up or down poles, when access at the rear of the pole is not available. The block has a 260mm sheave with quick acting ratchet fixing and a conductor side gate. 1,200kg SWL.

D-694-2 Straight Crossarm Running Out Block

The D-694-2 has been designed to mount onto crossarms upto 100mm angle. Sheaves are fitted with sleeve bearings. Unit comes complete with uplift roller to prevent conductor lifting out. 350kg SWL.

D-807 Crossarm Running Out Block

The D-807 has been designed to mount onto angle crossarms up to 100mm. Sheaves are fitted with sleeve bearings. This design allows conductors to be strung around route deviations. 300kg SWL.

D-861 Angle Crossarm Running Out Block

The dual pin on the D-861 allows the nylon top roller to be opened from either side when inserting conductor. Suitable for crossarms up to 150mm angle. 300kg SWL.

D-862-1 Crossarm Angle Roller

The adjustable angle facility of the D-862-1 allows the sheave to position through 180º in 45º increments. Fits crossarms up to 150mm angle. Nylon roller fitted. 400kg SWL.

D-683 Running Out Block

The D-683 is ideally suited for mounting onto crossarms up to 150mm angle, conductor-retaining pin is provided. 300kg SWL.

D-733 & D-917 Insulator Mounted Running Out Block

The D-717 blocks are suitable for 33kV insulator, while smaller the
D-917 is suitable for 11kV insulator. Each has two sheaves for stringing, which are lowered for making off onto insulator.
The D-733 is designed to fit insulators from 115 – 135mm, whilst the D-917 is designed to fit insulators from 70 – 90mm. 150kg SWL.

Single Sheave Aluminium Suspension Block

Single sheave aluminium suspension blocks with spring-loaded safety gate & steel zinc plated side frames. Neoprene lining of groove is available on request. Available with either a Rotating Oval Eye or a Tongue Mounting (Clevis). There are 2 sizes available depending on what diameter conductor is being used, both 2,400kg SWL.

Hole Mounted Single Sheave Suspension Block

These aluminium suspension blocks have an automatic safety gate and steel side frames. They are hole mounted to fit insulator clevis with 2,400kg SWL. The D-691 is the smallest in the range, The D-736 will accommodate larger conductors, D-1061 comes with a shackle in the hole mounting.

Sagging Blocks

Designed to fit tower cross arm to accept wire rope for sagging conductor. The D-668 swivel block comes in 3 different sizes with SWL of 2,000kg, 3,500kg or 5,000kg. The D-670 straight block has 2,000kg SWL.

D-717 Tandem Sheave Suspension Block

The D-717 comes with an automatic safety gate and steel side frames. There is the option to add a slip ring for earthwire earthing. 4,000kg SWL.

CBS Winches and Pushing Machines

CBS Winches and Pushing Machines

Winches & Pushing Machines

Our range of winches are designed to offer reliable, efficient performance, enabling your team to install a wide range of cabling both overhead and underground. Each designed to suit specific requirements, including trailer mounted winches and portable, lightweight capstans. 

C-1045 Pull & Assist Winch

The C-1045 winch has been designed to meet the requirements of installing telecommunication cables, employing an 813mm diameter single capstan to impact a controlled force to the pulling rope or cable. The single capstan allows the winch to be placed at the mid point of a section to assist in the pull, thus enabling longer pulls to be achieved. The winch has a rope take up drum, which is driven independently via a hydraulic motor, and has a detachable side which allows the rope on the drum to be removed in a tidy coil. Maximum pulling capacity of 500kg. 

C-680 Bulldog Overhead Line Winch

The CBS 680 Bulldog winch has been designed to provide a compact, transportable unit for overhead line stringing work. The self-contained winch is powered by an 11hp petrol engine and the precise control required is provided by the hydraulic circuit. There are drums for various applications and these are easily interchanged. The C-680 is a British Universal winch designed to meet the needs of overhead line engineers. The various options permit use on aerial bundle (ABC), Copper, Aluminium and ACSR Conductors.

C-821 Hydraulic Universal Winch

The CBS 821 Universal Winch offers the constant pulling tension of a double capstan drive and the flexibility of a direct drive drum in one machine. The winch employs a powerful petrol engine mounted with associated hydraulics on a sturdy trailer unit. The precise hydraulic controls allow easy operation through one fail-safe lever. Ideally suited for ABC erection, 11/33kV stringing work conductor recovery and underground cable handling.

C-825 Portable Hydraulic Winch

The CBS 825 is designed to provide a fully portable winching system, by breaking down into easily transportable modules. Ideally suited for overhead line stringing work such as ABC conductors, bare conductors or re-conductoring projects, it provides a flexible system suitable where access is restricted and ground disturbance is undesirable.

C-780 Overhead Line Construction Winch

The C-780 has been designed to give a reliable, flexible winching system to meet all 11/33kV work, together with some 66kV and 132kV maintenance requirements. The system employs a range of drums to suit particular applications. The powered hydraulic drum lifting device, together with hydraulic stabilising jacks provides safe drum handling. Hydraulic layering device fitted as standard. Available in 3 tonne or tonne lifting capacity.

W1-TEW25H-01 Tower Erection Winch

The TEW25H-01 is a hydraulically driven self-powered drum winch, popular with power line and telecommunications contractors. The TEW25 winch has been designed to comply with all the relevant safety requirements for lifting loads. Two fully automatic, fail safe braking systems are incorporated into the unit. In the unlikely event that the chain fails the second braking system would automatically apply, holding the load securely. The winch has a maximum lifting capacity of 2.5 tonne.

W1-TEW50H-01 Tower Erection Winch

The TEW50 is a hydraulic winch designed to provide reliable and safe lifting operations for tower and mast erection for the electricity or telecommunications industries. Winching is controlled via a proportional hydraulic valve giving the operator precise control over the load when needed or high speed if necessary. The winch has a maximum lifting capacity of 5 tonne.

C-1210 Single Capstan Winch

The C-1210 Single Capstan Winch has been designed to provide a light and powerful universal winch. Ideally suited for hoisting loads up poles or transmission towers or for pulling cables and conductors. The rope locking device eliminates the need to tie off the rope. A remote foot control switch operates the 115 volt electrically powered winch. Has a maximum lifting capacity of 450kg.

C-1210-500-1 Petrol Capstan Winch

The C-1210-500-1 Petrol Capstan Winch is lightweight at just 8.5kg, thus enabling easy handling and smooth running. The unit is powered by a Honda 4-stroke engine that can operate in any position. It can be operated using a lightweight synthetic rope of any length, which can be transported or stored easily using the transport bag. Has a maximum pulling capacity of 500kg, a 350kg version is also available with an extended capstan.

C-1035 Lightweight Capstan Winch

The C-1035 Lightweight Capstan is a highly reliable, low maintenance winch designed for use over manholes. Powered by a Honda Engine through a right angle gearbox. The C-1035 has a 5.5HP Engine. The C-1035-10 has an 8HP Honda Engine. The units have a pulling capacity of 500kg and 1000kg respectively.

C-1350 Cable Pusher

The C-1350 Cable Pusher has been designed to assist the laying of electrical cables or cylindrical elements. The unit has a profiled drive system to grip the cable, with a load applicator of adjustable upper rollers. The drive system is hydraulic, and is powered by a the lightweight C-1203-F portable trolley mounted hydraulic power pack, with pre-set internal system protection relief valve and quick release connections.

CBS Drum Handling Equipment

CBS Drum Handling Equipment

CBS Drum Stands & Drum Trailers

Designed to make your life on site easier our range of drum trailers and stands offer robust and reliable solutions to a wide range of tasks, from trailers for transporting larger drums to the work site or stands of various sizes for smaller drums.

C-751 Drum Trailer

The C-751 Drum Trailer has been designed to be a compact and manoeuverable drum trailer, capable of handling cable drums from 1800mm to 2185mm in diameter and a maximum drum weight of 1000kg to 1630kg. Manufactured in strong steel sections, it incorporates manually operated hydraulic lifting of drums. There is also an optional drum braking arrangement, this is particularly useful when pulling the conductor during conductor stringing operations. Trailer braking is of the over-run type and is supplied to EC specification. All versions are IVA approved.

C-1290 Triple Braked Drum Trailer

The C-1290 Triple Braked Drum Trailer is a uniquely versatile tool, a single operator can independently control the tension of all three conductors. Ideally suited to the needs of cost conscious installation crews who require fast turnarounds and maximum productivity. Supplied with a full set of detachable stabilisers to maximise trailer stability during tensioning. Fitted with smooth operating disk brake for conductor control. 

D-684 Braked Drum Stand

The CBS D-684 drum stand is compact in size and is available in up to either 2 or 4 tonne capacity. Each side is fitted with wheels to allow for easy transportation. Drum lifting is achieved with two hand operated hydraulic jacks. An adjustable band brake provides safe, controlled cable tensioning.

D-711 Braked Drum Stand

The CBS D-711 Braked Drum Stand has been designed in sections for ease of transportation and is simple to assemble without instructions. Accommodates drum weights of up to 1500kg. The stands incorporate a band brake to provide safe and smooth cable tensioning. Two hydraulic pumps provide drum lifting to the desired working height.

D-1156-01 Cable Drum Stand

The D-1156-01 Drum Stand has been designed in sections for ease of transportation and simply slots together to form a rigid and stable drum stand. Accommodates drum weights of up to 500kg. The shaft is fitted with bearings and drum location collars are also included. Two hydraulic jacks provide drum lifting.

Roll on Drum Stands

D-496-01 Roll on Drum Stand allows a range of drums up to 1500kg in weight to be accommodated to suit the majority of applications. Manufactured in steel, with ball bearings in the rollers, the stand is suitable for pulling off cable from the drum.

The D-998 is manufactured in steel, with sleeved bearings in the rollers, this portable lightweight unit is particularly suitable for small to medium drum sizes of up to 500kg.

Drum Jacks

The CBS range of cable drum jacks are maunfactured in a sturdy steel construction with heavy duty Acme screw threads to provide safe lifting. Available in 3 different sizes to accommodate up to 3, 6 or 8 tonne capacity – 2 x stands required – with a variety of spindles available to suit different drum sizes. Jack steady bases are also available to provide extra stability.

D-536 Hydraulic Drum Jacks, which are lightweight and almost indispensable for use in the cable yard. Versatile and easily adjustable within seconds to accommodate a vast range of drums. Excellent all-round stability, fitted with wheels to be easily moved by one person. Complete with spindle and collars. Available in 3 different sizes to accommodate up to 3, 6 or 10 tonne capacity.

Klein Tools Pole Climbing Irons

Klein Tools Pole Climbing Irons

Klein Tools has been providing occupational protective equipment to linemen since the first telegraph poles were strung. Klein’s spur type adjustable climbers make easy work of pole climbing.

Klein Tools has been providing occupational protective equipment to linemen since the first telegraph poles were strung. Klein’s Pole Climber set includes the pads, steel sleeves, leg irons, 1-1/2” gaffs, split rings and nylon calf and ankle straps. The secure sleeve and leg iron connections are adjustable in 1/4” (6 mm) increments. Contoured leg irons help position gaffs securely and comfortably. The replaceable gaffs firmly attach to the leg iron with a centre pin and two TORX® screws. High-grade leather climber pads are cushioned for maximum comfort. A complete range of spare parts and sharpening equipment are available. Klein components should not be interchanged with components made from other manufacturers.