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Blown Fibre Compressor

A compact 10 Bar compressor specifically for use with the CBS C-1800 Accelair2 Blown Fibre Unit. The compressor is fitted with aftercooling, filtration and air drying essential in providing the optimum viscous drag effect for maximum fibre blowing length.


Power Source:Petrol air-cooled Honda GX160 engine, key start
Air Compressor:Hydrovane, Vane type delivering 200ltr/min @ 10 Bar.
Electrical Output:For powering C-1800 Blown Fibre Unit.
Air Conditioning:Membrane dryer providing +1oC Pressure Dew Point
based on +35oC inlet temperature and maximum flow.
Filtration to 0.01μm particulate and oil removal.
Temperature Spec:Ambient range +5oC to +40oC
Cooling to maintain air temperature to within +3oC of ambient.

Product NoDescription
C-1420-10Fibre Blown Compressor c/w air hose 7m