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Breeze Cable Drum Cradle

The Drum Cradle has been designed to lift 2 x 1200mm maximum diameter of micro duct with a total weight of 200kg. The Drum Cradle is a rigid tubular steel construction with a detachable drum spindle and drum spacer, the drum spacer prevents the drums from rotating against each other. The drum shaft is locked in position by a sprung loaded plunger that can be fixed to allow removal of the drum spindle.

When the drums are loaded into the frame the handle can be swung over such that the ground frame is upper most and used to move the drums around the site.


Max Drum Weight:200kg
Max Drum Diameter:
Max Drum Width:
Min Drum Bore:63mm
Height: 790mm
Breeze Cable Drum Cradle

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C-1325Cable Drum Cradle