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The C-1300 BREEZE Cable Blowing Machine (sometimes known as cable jetting) has been designed to meet the growing need for the installation of micro cables. Small and portable with ergonomic controls, it is ideally suited for external or internal use. The compliant double driven cable rollers provide secure grip whilst safely handling the cable. The pushing force can be set to match the cable stiffness, and the speed control is fully adjustable between zero and maximum. Recent improvements to the machine implement a high/low torque switch giving greater sensitivity when adjusting low-end torque. This allows the installation of a greater range of cables down to 1.6mm in diameter. The machine is retained in a lightweight, robust aluminium housing and supplied completed with working/carrying case and “J” Mac air coupling.

Cable Diameter: 1.6 to 8mm
Tube Size (Outside Dia): 5 to 16mm
Cable Speed (Adjustable): 0-62m/min
Maximum Air Pressure: 15 Bar
Power Requirement: 220/110 Volt AC
50/60 Hz

Accelair 2

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C-1300 Breeze Cable Blowing Machine
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