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C-1020 Puller

Designed to provide the facilities necessary for safe Overhead Line Stringing. Ease of operation is provided with a flexible hydraulic drive system, which enables rapid pulling rates, or higher pulling forces, within a single control. The system is fail-safe and incorporates an automatic spring applied hydraulic brake.

The unit is fitted with a self-loading hydraulic drive reel winder for conductor or rope take up. The reel winder is elevated vertically for transportation.

The air-cooled diesel engine powers the twin hydraulic circuits, the main drive is provided through a variable displacement pump driving a fixed displacement motor, providing variable step less speed control.


Pulling Capacity: 2000kg at 2.5km/h
Grooved Capstan Wheels: 250mm dia x 7 grooves
Maximum Rope Cap: 8mm dia Paraline Rope x 4000 metres
Load Indicator:Calibrated Dynamometer
Trailer Chassis: Full EC Regulation to 60mph. Auto-reverse facility fitted as standard
Length: 3500mm
Width: 1820mm
Height: 2100mm
Weight: 1600kg

C-1020 Puller

Ordering Info

Product NoDescription
C-1020Puller 1.6 Ton
C-1020-02 Take Up Reel
C-1020-03-F Weatherproof Cover
C-1508-4000-21-FParaline Rope 8mm x 4000 metres P U Coated