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C-1035 Lightweight Capstan Winch

The C-1035 Lightweight Capstan Winch is designed for use over manholes.
Powered by a Honda Engine through a right angle gearbox, the C-1035 has a 5.5HP Engine.
The C-1035-10 has an 8HP Honda Engine. The units have a pulling capacity of 500kg and 1000kg respectively.


  • Unit lifts or pulls up to 500kg or 1000kg respectively.
  • Powered by a commercial duty 8 HP Honda engine directly coupled to a right angle gearbox results in low maintenance and high reliability.
  • Frame manufactured from zinc plated tubular steel.
  • Crossbar stabilizer stores in unit’s frame for compact transport and storage.
Accelair 2


 C-1035-05-0001 C-1035-10
Length:1100mm 1250mm
Width: 500mm500mm

Ordering Info

Product NumberDescription
C-1035-05-0001Lightweight Capstan Winch – 500kg
C-1035-10Lightweight Capstan Winch – 1000kg
Optional Extras
D-918-14-100-01-FRope -14mm Dia x 100M
3-stand pre-stretched polyester
D-918-14-200-01-FRope -14mm Dia x 200M
3-stand pre-stretched polyester