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C-1070-001 Fibre Optic Cable Puller

The C-1070 is a mobile puller designed specifically for installing “ADSS” fibre optical cables on transmission towers.
The C-1070 is a double grooved capstan design, suitable for use with the CBS Paraline coated synthetic ropes, enabling installation of cable with one circuit live.


Pulling Tension (Max): 1000kg
Pulling Speed (Max): 40m/min
Control System: Full Hydraulic Circuit
Tension Monitoring: Dial Read Out
Tension Control Limit: Adjustable 100-1000kg
Engine: 18hp Petrol Engine
Hydraulic Circuit: Oil tank, double filter and oil cooler
Chassis: Steel Construction
Rope Take-up Drum:Max Drum 700m semi auto layering device
Trailer Unit: Braked axles c/w wheels and tyres, high ground clearances and jockey wheel. The unit is designed for site use only.

C-1070-001 Fibre Optic Cable Puller

Ordering Info

Product NoDescription
C-1070Fibre Optic Cable Puller – 1000kg, 18hp Petrol Engine
C-821-26 Drum 700m dia without rope
C-1508-0500-21-F Rope 8mm x 500 metres P U Coated
C-1508-0600-21-F Rope 8mm x 600 metres P U Coated