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C-1210-500-1 Petrol Capstan Winch

The C-1210-500-1 Petrol Capstan Winch is lightweight at just 8.5kg, thus enabling easy handling and smooth running. The unit is powered by a Honda 4-stroke engine that can operate in any position. It can be operated using a lightweight synthetic rope of any length, which can be transported or stored easily using the transport bag.

The unit is designed for the operator to use from a safe distance. By gently pulling the rope of the throttle control unit, the load is pulled.

Fitted with a rope brake that ensures safety during operation, as soon as the rope is released by the operator, the winch will stop. This provides unintentional sliding back and maintains precise control over the movement of the load.



Capacity:                    500kg when used directly with a pulling speed of 12m/min

                                    1000kg when used directly with a pulling speed of 6m/min

Weight:                       8.5kg

C-1210 Single Capstan Winch

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