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C-1210 Single Capstan Winch

The C-1210 Single Capstan Winch has been designed to provide a light and powerful universal winch. Suitable for hoisting loads up poles or transmission towers or pulling cables and conductors.

The rope locking device eliminates the need to tie off the rope. A remote foot control switch operates the 115 volt electrically powered winch.


Capacity: 450kg
Rope Speed: 12m/min
Capstan Diameter: 140mm
Remote Foot Control: Standard
Width: 165mm
Length: 510mm
Weight: 16kg
Power Supply: 115 Volts AC
C-1210 Single Capstan Winch
C-1210-01-F Steel Storage Box
C-1210-03-F Universal Bracket
C-1210-04-F Foot Switch
C-GEN-KIGE-02-110-F Generator 110v 2600W

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C-1210Electric Capstan Winch