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Pressurisation Kit

The CBS Duct Pressurisation Kit has been designed to test the integrity of the duct by checking that the duct has no leaks. This will confirm that the duct holds air pressure, prior to cable blowing.

The kit comprises of a pressure regulator with gauge and valves. The system connects to the compressor and the duct via the supplied jaymac connector for pressurising. The supplied end plug seals the other side. Once up to pressure the air in the duct is locked in and the pressure monitored.

Ordering Info

Product No Description
C-1262 Pressurisation Kit
C-1262-5050mm Duct Connector
C-1262-40 40mm Duct Connector
C-1262-32 32mm Duct Connector
C-1262-25 25mm Duct Connector

Other sizes of duct connector are available, please consult.