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C-130 Cable Drum Trailer

The CBS C-130 comes equipped with braking and road lighting systems to conform with EU Directives and is designed to travel fully laden at road speeds indicated on the UK Highways and most other European Countries.

For safe and easy drum handling, all CBS Cable Drum Trailers are fitted with Hydraulic hand pump operated lift/lower systems as standard.

When the drum is fully raised mechanical locks ensure drum security in transit.


Max Drum Weight: 5350 kg
Drum Dia Min: 1360 mm
Lifting Arrangement: 2860 mm
Max Drum Width: 1470 mm
Towing Eye: 76mm NATO
Spindle Dia: 76mm
Trailer Width: 2550 mm
Drum Dia Max:4500 mm
Trailer Weight: 1300 kg
Brake System: 2 Line Air - ABS
Tyres: 11R x 22.5
Towing Speed Max: 100km/h
Trailer Length: Hydraulic with Manual Lock
C-130 Cable Drum Trailer

Ordering Info

Product NoDescription
C-130-FDrum Trailer – 5.35 Ton
C-130-01-FDrum Drive Unit