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C-1350 Cable Pusher

The C-1350 Cable Pusher has been designed to assist the laying of electrical cables or cylindrical elements.
The unit has a profiled drive system to grip the cable, with a load applicator of adjustable upper rollers.
The drive system is hydraulic, and is powered by a the lightweight C-1203-F portable trolley mounted hydraulic power pack, with pre-set internal system protection relief valve and quick release connections


Cable Size: 30-150mm o/d
Dimensions: 500mm Wide x 1390mm Long x770mm High
Max Push: 700kg
Max Speed: 10m/min
Controls:Single Lever for Push/Pull Operations c/w variable speed control
Drive System:Hydraulic
Min Requirement: 18 ltr/min at 60 bar
Weight: 200kg
C-1350 Cable Pusher

Ordering Info

Product NoDescription
C-1350 Cable Pusher
C-1350-01Control Valve Module c/w Hydraulic Hoses
C-1203-FHydraulic Power Pack c/w Trolley – Petrol Driven Engine
C-1350 Cable Pusher

C-1350 Cable Pusher in use

C-1350 Cable Pusher

Control Valve Module

C-1203-F Hydraulic Power Pack

C-1203-F Hydraulic Power Pack .

Cable Pusher Basic Setup

Cable Pusher Typical Setup

Cable Pusher Typical Setup