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C-1405 Tilting Capstan Winch

The C-1405 winch has been designed to meet the requirements of installing telecommunication cables, employing a 813mm diameter single capstan to impact a controlled force to the pulling rope or cable. The single capstan allows the winch to be placed at the mid point of a section to assist in the pull, thus enabling longer pulls to be achieved. A second, 385mm capstan allows for a pulling force of up to 1000kg.

The C-1405 has a rope take up drum, which is driven independently via a hydraulic motor. The take up drum has a detachable side, which allows the rope on the drum to be removed in a tidy coil and can be declutched from the drive to allow the rope to be pulled out manually when threading.

The winch is powered by a 13hp petrol engine that drives a fixed displacement hydraulic pump, which in turn drives the low speed, high torque, hydraulic motor. The motor drives the capstan through an epicyclical gearbox.

The pulling tension is mounted on a dial read out, allowing the operator to monitor the pull. Tension is adjustable from 0 – 500kg, or 0 – 1000kg on the smaller capstan. The winch will stop pulling at the selected tension without stopping the engine, thereby protecting the cable. The C-1405 is built on a robust steel chassis.

The C-1405 also has the added advantage of tilting capstans. This allows for pulls at angles of anywhere between horizontal and vertical.


Engine: 13hp
Capacity: 500kg / 1000kg
Rope Speed (Max): 50m/min
Capstan Diameter: 813mm / 385mm
Adjustable Tension: 0-500kg / 0-1000kg
Length: 2270mm
Width: 1280mm
Height: 1070mm
Weight: 580kg

C-1405 Tilting Capstan Winch
C-1405 Tilting Capstan Winch

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C-1405 Tilting Capstan Winch


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