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The C-1700 Air Stream has been designed to maximise protection for micro cables with a compliant double drive concept, backed by the latest technology in servo controls to provide precise control of torque and speed. Single person operation with safe, easy to operate ergonomic controls combines with low maintenance and high reliability to form the machine’s key features. The Air Stream is adjustable to suit a wide range of cable diameters 2.5-11mm.

Main Features

  • Automatic Cable centralising

  • Synchronous high grip profiled compliant drive belts

  • Tabletop design with ergonomic controls for ease of operation

  • Forward and reverse

  • Variable torque and speed controls

  • Digital servo motor drive system

  • Single person operation

  • Digital cable speed and length monitoring

  • Auto stop facility when air stone fitted

  • Integral air valve and pressure gauge

  • Easy cable threading

  • Polycarbonate safety guarding

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Low maintenance

  • Low noise levels

  • Travel case

  • Tool Kit


Cable Diameter: 2.5 to 11mm
Tube Size (Outside Dia): 5 to 18mm
Cable Speed (Adjustable): (0-80m/min) (0-260 ft/min)
Air Pressure: 10-15 Bar (145-215 psi)
Power Requirement: 110/220 Volt AC
Width: 300mm (11.8”)
Length: 460mm (18”)
Height: 270mm (10.6”)
Net Weight: 14kg (31 lbs.)

Product NoDescription
C-1700    Airstream Cable
Blowing Machine

Note: Under certain combinations of cable and duct, static electricity may be generated. This should be dissipated using the optional earth rod.