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C-751-15 Drum Trailer

The Drum Trailer provides a compact and secure method of drum transportation. Manufactured in strong steel sections, it incorporates manually operated hydraulic lifting of drums.

There is, as an option the facility to provide drum braking, this is particularly useful when pulling the conductor during conductor stringing operations. Trailer braking is of the overrun type and is supplied to EC Specification with auto-reverse as standard. Lights are also fitted as standard.


Drum Weight Max: 1550kg
Drum Width Max: 1250mm
Drum Width Max with Brake Arrangment: 1000mm
Drum Diameter Max: 2200mm
Drum Diameter Min: 750mm
Tyres: 195x14C
Towing Eye:Standard 40mm diameter eye
Height (without Drum): 1540mm
Width: 2200mm
Length: 3500mm
Weight: 485kg
Spindle Diameter: 50mm
Lighting: Stop, tail, direction, indicators c/w connectors, for light
Suspension: Swinging arm with rubber suspension
Rear Props: Manual slide and lock type
Adjustable Jockey Wheel: Solid tyred Wheel
Braking: Drum brakes to EC Specification 250 x 40 override type, auto reverse, with hand brake.
Lifting Arrangement: Hand operated hydraulic pump with individual valves for each ram and locking facility

C-751-15 Drum Trailer

Ordering Info

Product NoDescription
C-751-15-FDrum Trailer – 1550kg
C-751-15-03-FDisc Braking Arrangement*
*Note: Brake arrangment reduces max drum width