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The CBS 823-13 drum trailer has been designed to provide a compact, manoeuvrable trailer capable of handling drums up to 2000mm in diameter with a maximum weight of 1300 kg. The trailer is suitable for towing behind tractors or other suitable vehicles.
The trailer provides ease of drum lifting using a manually operated winch. The drums are secured in transit with suitable retaining pins.
Braked shaft options are available which may be used to provide a tensioning facility for stringing operations.
The robust welded steel chassis is fitted with running and towing gear to satisfy the latest UK road requirements.



Drum Weight Max: 1300kg
Drum Width Max: 1100mm maximum
Drum Diameter Max: 2000mm maximum
Tyres: 195 R14 C8
Towing Eye: 50mm diameter (as standard, others sizes available)
Height (without Drum):1900 mm
Width: 2000 mm
Length: 3100 mm
Weight: 575kg
Lighting: 13 pin 12 volt lighting plug is fitted to the trailer and wired to current E.U. regulations.
Rear Props:Manual slide and lock type
Braking: Drum brakes to EC specifications, override type, hand brake.
Lifting Arrangement: Manually operated winch


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C-823-13C-823-13 DRUM TRAILER


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