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C-993-F Single Capstan Hydraulic Winch – 3 Tonne Capacity

The C-993-F comprises a high quality steel chassis and single capstan drive, powered by twin cylinder diesel engine.

The wire rope simply needs to be wrapped around the capstan 3 times to prevent slippage.

The winch is also fitted with relief valve system which can be set to the maximum pull of the cable. Once the maximum pull has been reached, the winch will stop pulling, thus protecting the cable.


Capacity: 3000kg
Engine: 13Kw at 3600rpm
Line Speed at 0.5 Tonne:30m/min
Line Speed at 1.5 Tonne:22m/min
Line Speed at 3.0 Tonne:7m/min
Rope Diameter: 10mm
Rope Length:400m
Tyres: 165 R13
Width: 1480mm
Height: 1300mm
Weight: 1000Kg

C-993-F Single Capstan Hydraulic Winch – 3 Tonne Capacity

Ordering Info

Product No   Description
C-993-F            Single Capstan Hydraulic
                          Winch 3000Kg Capacity                                       c/w 400M x 10mm Wire
C-993-1-F         PVC Roll-Up Canopy
C-993-2-F         Electronic Recorder

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Swivel Links
Cable Drum Trailers
Drum Jacks
Straight Line rollers