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Cable Avoidance Tool

The Cable Avoidance Tool is a full function, industry standard locator which every ground working operative will find familiar and easy to use.

The unit is lightweight, rugged and packed full of features including LCD meter, detachable loudspeaker which can then be held near the ear in noisy environments, fingertip controls and precision locating as standard.

The cable avoidance tool is designed to be used in conjunction with accessories such as the Signal Generator, Signal clamp and Sonde.


  • On/Off control. Battery check tone at switch on.
  • 3 position function select switch:

P – Power mode for detecting live imbalanced cables.

R – Radio mode for detecting re-radiated radio signals.

G – Generator mode for detecting conductors carrying the signal generated by the Signal Generator or Sonde.

  • Sensitivity control.



  • Large, easy to read LCD display.
  • Shock resistant and mounted behind a polycarbonate lens for maximum protection.
  • Display shows signal strength, battery condition and confirmation of selected mode.



  • P – 50-400 Hz
  • R – 15 – 20 kHz
  • G – 33 kHz


Depth of Detection


  • P – 3 metres
  • R – 2 metres
  • G – 3 metres



Hoop Roller (Aluminium Roller)

Product No: C-RD-CAT-F

Precision Locator