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Cable Avoidance

Signal Generator

Enhance the detectability of cables and pipes; trace out the route of specific services.  Use the signal generator to transmit an easily identifiable signal along a cable or pipe.  Trace the lines using the Cable Avoidance Tool.  New industry accepted 33 kHz operating frequency for clearer signal reception.

Product No: C-RD-ZCSSGV-F

Signal Generator


Signal Clamp

Extend the powerful versatility of the Signal Generator.  Clip the Signal Clamp around a cable and safely transfer the Generator Signal.

Product No: C-RD-YIRSSC-F

Signal Clamp



Trace non-metal pipes.  Find pipe blockages.  Trace the movement of in-pipe plant.  A range of self contained transmitters propelled along a pipe or conduit.

Product No: C-RD-YIRS-33-F

Sonde – 33kHz


Cable Avoidance Tool

The Cable Avoidance Tool is a full function, industry standard locator which every ground working operative will find familiar and easy to use.