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Cable Drum Trailers

CBS C-751 Drum Trailer 

The C-751 has been designed to be a compact and manoeuverable drum trailer, capable of handling cable drums from 1800mm to 2185mm in diameter and a maximum drum weight of 1000kg to 1630kg

Product Code: C-751

Triple Braked Drum Stand

Triple Braked Drum Trailer

A uniquely versatile tool, a single operator can control independently the tension of all three conductors. Ideally suited to the needs of cost conscious installation crews who require fast turnarounds and maximum productivity.

Product Code: C-1290-05

Cable Drum Jacks & Drum Stands

Roll on Drum Stands

Roll on Drum Stands

Roll on Drum Stand allows a range of drums to be accommodated to suite the majority of applications.

Product Code: D-496-01 & D-998

Cable Drum Jacks & Spindles

CBS Cable Drum Jacks & Spindles

Manufactured in a sturdy steel construction, with heavy-duty Acme screw threads to provide safe lifting.

Product Code: D-246 & D-249

 D-692 Drum Cradle

Drum Cradle

This universal drum handling aid finds use in drum storage yards for lifting drums for cable removal, or on site for pulling out conductors.

Product Code: D-692 & D-692-01

D-684 Braked Drum Stand

D-684 Braked Drum Stand

The CBS D-684 drum stand is compact in size. Each side is fitted with wheels to allow for easy transportation. Drum lifting is achieved with two hand operated hydraulic jacks. An adjustable band brake provides controlled cable tensioning.

Product Code: D-684

D-711 Braked Drum Stand

D-711 Braked Drum Stand

The CBS D-711 Braked Drum Stand has been designed in sections for ease of transportation and is simple to assemble. The stand incorporates a band brake to provide smooth cable tensioning.

Product Code: D-711

Hydrualic Drum Jacks

3, 6 and 10 Tonne Hydraulic Drum Jacks

Lightweight hydraulic drum jacks, which are almost indispensable for use in the cable yard. Versatile and easily adjustable within seconds to accommodate a vast range of drums.

Product Code: D-536

Breeze Cable Drum Stand

Breeze Cable Drum Stand

The Drum Stand has been designed in sections for ease of transportation and simply slots together to form a rigid and stable drum stand.

Product Code: D-1156-01