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Cable Guiding Heads

These are screwed on to the end of the cable to reduce friction during cable blowing.

  • Constructed of corrosion resistant brass and made for repeated use.
  • Insertion tool included
  • Sold in packs of 10

Product NoDescription
C-1300-CGH-2.0Cable Guide Heads 2.0mm
C-1300-CGH-2.5Cable Guide Heads 2.5mm
C-1300-CGH-4.0Cable Guide Heads 4.0mm
C-1300-CGH-5.0Cable Guide Heads 5.0mm
C-1300-CGH-6.0Cable Guide Heads 6.0mm
C-1300-CGH-6.5Cable Guide Heads 6.5mm
C-1300-CGH-7.0Cable Guide Heads 7.0mm
C-1300-CGH-8.0Cable Guide Heads 8.0mm
C-1300-CGH-8.5Cable Guide Heads 8.5mm
C-1300-CGH-9.0Cable Guide Heads 9.0mm
C-1300-CGH-10.0Cable Guide Heads 10.0mm
C-1300-CGH-11.0Cable Guide Heads 11.0mm
C-1300-CGH-12.0Cable Guide Heads 12.0mm