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Cable Overblowing Junction Box

The CBS Cable Overblowing Junction Box has been designed to install a new cable into an existing occupied sub-duct.

The Cable Overblowing Junction Box comprises a robust aluminium base and lid that form a pressurised air chamber into which one end of an existing occupied sub-duct can be attached.

The existing cable exits the Cable Overblowing Junction Box through an opening that has 3 cable seal slots, one of which will house the seal to suit the size of the existing cable. The third branch is then connected to a CBS Cable Blowing Machine via. a short slave length of tube for the installation of the extra cable.

A range of Overblowing junction box collets and seals are available to suit the outside diameter of the existing sub-duct, existing cable, cable to be installed and slave length of tube for cable to be installed, please contact CBS Products (KT) Ltd. for further information.

Air is fed into the Cable Overblowing Junction Box directly via a coupling on the lid of the box, see section 8 of image on what coupling is fitted as standard. Other couplings and adaptors are available on request, speak to one of the sales team for more information.

The maximum diameter of a new cable / tube(s) for installation is dependent on the diameter of the existing cable and duct bore.

It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that the cable / tube(s) to be installed are compatible with the existing sub-duct and installed cable configuration.

  • Existing Cable Range:         9-20 mm O.D
  • Existing Duct Range:           25-50 mm O.D
  • Installing Cable Range:       5-11 mm O.D
  • Installing Tube Range:         5-18 mm O.D
  • Max operating pressure:     15 Bar

Other sizes can be manufactured


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Please contact a member of the CBS Sales team for the additional interchangeable parts. Other sizes can be manufactured upon request