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Cable Pulling Grips

Cable Pulling Grips are manufactured from high-grade galvanised steel wire, in a double or single weave construction.

General Duty Pulling Stockings

Pulling Grips are indispensable in many different cable pulling applications. Manufactured from high-tensile, galvanized steel wire that is evenly woven in a single, double or triple wire weave according to pulling tension requirements

Heavy Duty Pulling Stockings

Jointing Grips, Triple Weave, Pulling Stockings with Connecting Bond – Heavy Duty

Light Duty Pulling Stockings

Single Weave, Single Eye Pulling Stocking, Flexible Eye – Light Duty

Non-Conductive Cable Stockings

Manufactured from a man-made, high strength parallel-stranded fibre, and having a polyethylene sheath.

Ball Bearing Swivels

Swivels are essential for effective pulling operations of underground cables and overhead conductors.

Fused Swivels

Fused swivels are used in applications where the pulling force must not be exceeded. The fuses are replaceable and allow the swivel to break when the maximum applied load equals the rating of the fuse.

Rope Connectors

Rope Connectors provide as an effective method of jointing pulling grips

Insulated Connector

Connector Assemblies are provided as an effective method of joining two cable pulling grips together when pulling O/H conductors.

Conductive Swivel

Conductive swivels are suitable for passage of induced currents whilst refurbishing OHL conductors on transmission lines.