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The CBS Duct Rod Pusher is now available in a kit, complete with powerpack and 14 x 300mm duct rod. What takes a team of engineers hours to do will take minutes with this kit and just one engineer, saving time, money and pain in their back. The Pusher will work in forward and reverse, is fitted with a counter, and will help identify any blockages in the route.

CBS Portable Duct Rod Pusher

CBS Portable Duct Rod Pusher

The Portable Duct Rod Pusher is designed to assist with rodding operations and makes placing pulling lines or fibre cables into old or occupied conduits that much easier—even with fewer personnel.

Designed specifically to work well with our durable and high-performing 14mm Duct Rod (sold separately), the hydraulically powered Duct Rod Pusher powers the Duct Rod into and out of conduits, pushing and pulling with forces of up to 220kgs at 60bar. The Pusher is able to reach rod speeds of up to 30 metres per minute, when used with the C-1203-F Powerpack, and uses a totalising counter to keep accurate measurements of distance. Each unit is fitted with an extendable tilting boom, reducing the initial bending and potential damage of the Duct Rod, and chamber clamp for stability during underground use.

CBS Duct Rodders

CBS Duct Rodders

Crucial for underground installation of cabling, the Duct Rodders fill a multitude of uses from cleaning ducts to locating paths, threading lines, and even pulling cables. The frequent use of a duct rodder often leaves it subject to wear and tear which is why you need the best in the business.

CBS Duct Rodders combine the ease of operation with reliable performance to increase the efficiency of your rodding operations. We use the highest quality materials to produce durable and long lasting duct rodders.

What Make CBS Rodders Different?

Considered to be the best duct rodders on the market – and for good reason. We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality rodders that are renowned for their strength and durability.

Crafted from fibreglass using a proprietary process where the glass fibres are strictly uni-directional with an optimal density of 80% which results in substantially stronger rodders than pultruded manufacturing can offer. They are then covered in a UV stabilised, polypropylene thermoplastic jacket to provide excellent handling characteristics throughout its life span, and boost the corrosion resistance without adding weight.

Designed not to soften or lose tensile strength in hot weather nor become brittle under cold conditions, the CBS Duct Rodders can be used throughout the year.

Rodder Carriers

Each Duct Rodder is mounted on a tough frame that assists with the payout/pay-in of the rod using an eyebolt with nylon bushing design. This frame is crafted from tubular steel alloy and powder coated for corrosion resistance to last as long as the Duct Rodders.

Larger diameter carriers are equipped with inboard wheels for easier manoeuvrability on site and features a hand-operated brake to control payout.

Rodder Ends

CBS Rodders come supplied with a male threaded end fitting with a tapered head on the leading end, and a female threaded fitting on the back end and can be used with the following accessories to easily meet the needs of the job at hand.

  • Flexible Leader – Large and small, this leader manoeuvres around corners effectively.
  • Roller guide – Over an existing cable or empty conduit, the roller guide reduces the amount of pushing force required.
  • Swivel Coupling – This coupling rotates freely to prevent rotation of the rod when being pulled, avoiding any twisting or breakage that could occur.