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CBS Running Out Blocks

CBS Running Out Blocks

CBS Running Out Blocks

The CBS range of running out blocks have been designed to suit almost every application when it comes to working at height with poles, cross arms and conductors of any size.

D-687 Double Sheave Running Out Block

Designed to be strong but light, the D-687 is ideally suited for pole work. The aluminium sheaves are mounted on sealed ball bearings for low resistance. 500kg SWL.

D-685 Single Offset Sheave Running Out Block

This block has the same features as the CBS 687 but with a single sheave which is offset to assist with fixing the conductor to the clamp. 300kg SWL.

D-686 Intermediate Running Out Block

The D-686 has a split frame and hooks to locate on to brackets. The aluminium sheave is mounted on sealed ball bearings while guide rings protect the conductor from damage. 300kg SWL.

D-793 Rear Pole Roller Block

The D-793 has been designed to be suitable for stringing conductors at the rear of an angle pole. 600kg SWL.

D-798 Pole Traversing Block

The D-798 block allows the stringing operation to be fed up or down poles, when access at the rear of the pole is not available. The block has a 260mm sheave with quick acting ratchet fixing and a conductor side gate. 1,200kg SWL.

D-694-2 Straight Crossarm Running Out Block

The D-694-2 has been designed to mount onto crossarms upto 100mm angle. Sheaves are fitted with sleeve bearings. Unit comes complete with uplift roller to prevent conductor lifting out. 350kg SWL.

D-807 Crossarm Running Out Block

The D-807 has been designed to mount onto angle crossarms up to 100mm. Sheaves are fitted with sleeve bearings. This design allows conductors to be strung around route deviations. 300kg SWL.

D-861 Angle Crossarm Running Out Block

The dual pin on the D-861 allows the nylon top roller to be opened from either side when inserting conductor. Suitable for crossarms up to 150mm angle. 300kg SWL.

D-862-1 Crossarm Angle Roller

The adjustable angle facility of the D-862-1 allows the sheave to position through 180º in 45º increments. Fits crossarms up to 150mm angle. Nylon roller fitted. 400kg SWL.

D-683 Running Out Block

The D-683 is ideally suited for mounting onto crossarms up to 150mm angle, conductor-retaining pin is provided. 300kg SWL.

D-733 & D-917 Insulator Mounted Running Out Block

The D-717 blocks are suitable for 33kV insulator, while smaller the
D-917 is suitable for 11kV insulator. Each has two sheaves for stringing, which are lowered for making off onto insulator.
The D-733 is designed to fit insulators from 115 – 135mm, whilst the D-917 is designed to fit insulators from 70 – 90mm. 150kg SWL.

Single Sheave Aluminium Suspension Block

Single sheave aluminium suspension blocks with spring-loaded safety gate & steel zinc plated side frames. Neoprene lining of groove is available on request. Available with either a Rotating Oval Eye or a Tongue Mounting (Clevis). There are 2 sizes available depending on what diameter conductor is being used, both 2,400kg SWL.

Hole Mounted Single Sheave Suspension Block

These aluminium suspension blocks have an automatic safety gate and steel side frames. They are hole mounted to fit insulator clevis with 2,400kg SWL. The D-691 is the smallest in the range, The D-736 will accommodate larger conductors, D-1061 comes with a shackle in the hole mounting.

Sagging Blocks

Designed to fit tower cross arm to accept wire rope for sagging conductor. The D-668 swivel block comes in 3 different sizes with SWL of 2,000kg, 3,500kg or 5,000kg. The D-670 straight block has 2,000kg SWL.

D-717 Tandem Sheave Suspension Block

The D-717 comes with an automatic safety gate and steel side frames. There is the option to add a slip ring for earthwire earthing. 4,000kg SWL.