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The CBS Duct Rod Pusher is now available in a kit, complete with powerpack and 14 x 300mm duct rod. What takes a team of engineers hours to do will take minutes with this kit and just one engineer, saving time, money and pain in their back. The Pusher will work in forward and reverse, is fitted with a counter, and will help identify any blockages in the route.

CBS Winches and Pushing Machines

CBS Winches and Pushing Machines

Winches & Pushing Machines

Our range of winches are designed to offer reliable, efficient performance, enabling your team to install a wide range of cabling both overhead and underground. Each designed to suit specific requirements, including trailer mounted winches and portable, lightweight capstans. 

C-1045 Pull & Assist Winch

The C-1045 winch has been designed to meet the requirements of installing telecommunication cables, employing an 813mm diameter single capstan to impact a controlled force to the pulling rope or cable. The single capstan allows the winch to be placed at the mid point of a section to assist in the pull, thus enabling longer pulls to be achieved. The winch has a rope take up drum, which is driven independently via a hydraulic motor, and has a detachable side which allows the rope on the drum to be removed in a tidy coil. Maximum pulling capacity of 500kg. 

C-680 Bulldog Overhead Line Winch

The CBS 680 Bulldog winch has been designed to provide a compact, transportable unit for overhead line stringing work. The self-contained winch is powered by an 11hp petrol engine and the precise control required is provided by the hydraulic circuit. There are drums for various applications and these are easily interchanged. The C-680 is a British Universal winch designed to meet the needs of overhead line engineers. The various options permit use on aerial bundle (ABC), Copper, Aluminium and ACSR Conductors.

C-821 Hydraulic Universal Winch

The CBS 821 Universal Winch offers the constant pulling tension of a double capstan drive and the flexibility of a direct drive drum in one machine. The winch employs a powerful petrol engine mounted with associated hydraulics on a sturdy trailer unit. The precise hydraulic controls allow easy operation through one fail-safe lever. Ideally suited for ABC erection, 11/33kV stringing work conductor recovery and underground cable handling.

C-825 Portable Hydraulic Winch

The CBS 825 is designed to provide a fully portable winching system, by breaking down into easily transportable modules. Ideally suited for overhead line stringing work such as ABC conductors, bare conductors or re-conductoring projects, it provides a flexible system suitable where access is restricted and ground disturbance is undesirable.

C-780 Overhead Line Construction Winch

The C-780 has been designed to give a reliable, flexible winching system to meet all 11/33kV work, together with some 66kV and 132kV maintenance requirements. The system employs a range of drums to suit particular applications. The powered hydraulic drum lifting device, together with hydraulic stabilising jacks provides safe drum handling. Hydraulic layering device fitted as standard. Available in 3 tonne or tonne lifting capacity.

W1-TEW25H-01 Tower Erection Winch

The TEW25H-01 is a hydraulically driven self-powered drum winch, popular with power line and telecommunications contractors. The TEW25 winch has been designed to comply with all the relevant safety requirements for lifting loads. Two fully automatic, fail safe braking systems are incorporated into the unit. In the unlikely event that the chain fails the second braking system would automatically apply, holding the load securely. The winch has a maximum lifting capacity of 2.5 tonne.

W1-TEW50H-01 Tower Erection Winch

The TEW50 is a hydraulic winch designed to provide reliable and safe lifting operations for tower and mast erection for the electricity or telecommunications industries. Winching is controlled via a proportional hydraulic valve giving the operator precise control over the load when needed or high speed if necessary. The winch has a maximum lifting capacity of 5 tonne.

C-1210 Single Capstan Winch

The C-1210 Single Capstan Winch has been designed to provide a light and powerful universal winch. Ideally suited for hoisting loads up poles or transmission towers or for pulling cables and conductors. The rope locking device eliminates the need to tie off the rope. A remote foot control switch operates the 115 volt electrically powered winch. Has a maximum lifting capacity of 450kg.

C-1210-500-1 Petrol Capstan Winch

The C-1210-500-1 Petrol Capstan Winch is lightweight at just 8.5kg, thus enabling easy handling and smooth running. The unit is powered by a Honda 4-stroke engine that can operate in any position. It can be operated using a lightweight synthetic rope of any length, which can be transported or stored easily using the transport bag. Has a maximum pulling capacity of 500kg, a 350kg version is also available with an extended capstan.

C-1035 Lightweight Capstan Winch

The C-1035 Lightweight Capstan is a highly reliable, low maintenance winch designed for use over manholes. Powered by a Honda Engine through a right angle gearbox. The C-1035 has a 5.5HP Engine. The C-1035-10 has an 8HP Honda Engine. The units have a pulling capacity of 500kg and 1000kg respectively.

C-1350 Cable Pusher

The C-1350 Cable Pusher has been designed to assist the laying of electrical cables or cylindrical elements. The unit has a profiled drive system to grip the cable, with a load applicator of adjustable upper rollers. The drive system is hydraulic, and is powered by a the lightweight C-1203-F portable trolley mounted hydraulic power pack, with pre-set internal system protection relief valve and quick release connections.

CBS Drum Handling Equipment

CBS Drum Handling Equipment

CBS Drum Stands & Drum Trailers

Designed to make your life on site easier our range of drum trailers and stands offer robust and reliable solutions to a wide range of tasks, from trailers for transporting larger drums to the work site or stands of various sizes for smaller drums.

C-751 Drum Trailer

The C-751 Drum Trailer has been designed to be a compact and manoeuverable drum trailer, capable of handling cable drums from 1800mm to 2185mm in diameter and a maximum drum weight of 1000kg to 1630kg. Manufactured in strong steel sections, it incorporates manually operated hydraulic lifting of drums. There is also an optional drum braking arrangement, this is particularly useful when pulling the conductor during conductor stringing operations. Trailer braking is of the over-run type and is supplied to EC specification. All versions are IVA approved.

C-1290 Triple Braked Drum Trailer

The C-1290 Triple Braked Drum Trailer is a uniquely versatile tool, a single operator can independently control the tension of all three conductors. Ideally suited to the needs of cost conscious installation crews who require fast turnarounds and maximum productivity. Supplied with a full set of detachable stabilisers to maximise trailer stability during tensioning. Fitted with smooth operating disk brake for conductor control. 

D-684 Braked Drum Stand

The CBS D-684 drum stand is compact in size and is available in up to either 2 or 4 tonne capacity. Each side is fitted with wheels to allow for easy transportation. Drum lifting is achieved with two hand operated hydraulic jacks. An adjustable band brake provides safe, controlled cable tensioning.

D-711 Braked Drum Stand

The CBS D-711 Braked Drum Stand has been designed in sections for ease of transportation and is simple to assemble without instructions. Accommodates drum weights of up to 1500kg. The stands incorporate a band brake to provide safe and smooth cable tensioning. Two hydraulic pumps provide drum lifting to the desired working height.

D-1156-01 Cable Drum Stand

The D-1156-01 Drum Stand has been designed in sections for ease of transportation and simply slots together to form a rigid and stable drum stand. Accommodates drum weights of up to 500kg. The shaft is fitted with bearings and drum location collars are also included. Two hydraulic jacks provide drum lifting.

Roll on Drum Stands

D-496-01 Roll on Drum Stand allows a range of drums up to 1500kg in weight to be accommodated to suit the majority of applications. Manufactured in steel, with ball bearings in the rollers, the stand is suitable for pulling off cable from the drum.

The D-998 is manufactured in steel, with sleeved bearings in the rollers, this portable lightweight unit is particularly suitable for small to medium drum sizes of up to 500kg.

Drum Jacks

The CBS range of cable drum jacks are maunfactured in a sturdy steel construction with heavy duty Acme screw threads to provide safe lifting. Available in 3 different sizes to accommodate up to 3, 6 or 8 tonne capacity – 2 x stands required – with a variety of spindles available to suit different drum sizes. Jack steady bases are also available to provide extra stability.

D-536 Hydraulic Drum Jacks, which are lightweight and almost indispensable for use in the cable yard. Versatile and easily adjustable within seconds to accommodate a vast range of drums. Excellent all-round stability, fitted with wheels to be easily moved by one person. Complete with spindle and collars. Available in 3 different sizes to accommodate up to 3, 6 or 10 tonne capacity.

CBS Cable Pulling Stockings

CBS Cable Pulling Stockings

Pulling socks or stockings, are indispensable in many different cable pulling applications. Our range of light, general and heavy duty stockings are manufactured from high-tensile, galvanized steel wire that is evenly hand woven in a single, double or triple wire weave according to pulling tension requirements. Slipped over the outside of the cable, when tension is applied, the grip contracts applying the pulling force to the cable. We reverse weave our grips which create a loop at the end of the grip instead of being crimped or soldered together. The wire is then joined under the crimped head, thus creating a higher quality product that outlasts the competition.

CBS also produce a range of non-conductive stockings. Made from high strength parallel-stranded fibre with a polyethylene sheath, these are also non-corrosive and abrasive resistant, and prevent damage to other components during pulling operations.


CBS Portable Duct Rod Pusher

CBS Portable Duct Rod Pusher

The Portable Duct Rod Pusher is designed to assist with rodding operations and makes placing pulling lines or fibre cables into old or occupied conduits that much easier—even with fewer personnel.

Designed specifically to work well with our durable and high-performing 14mm Duct Rod (sold separately), the hydraulically powered Duct Rod Pusher powers the Duct Rod into and out of conduits, pushing and pulling with forces of up to 220kgs at 60bar. The Pusher is able to reach rod speeds of up to 30 metres per minute, when used with the C-1203-F Powerpack, and uses a totalising counter to keep accurate measurements of distance. Each unit is fitted with an extendable tilting boom, reducing the initial bending and potential damage of the Duct Rod, and chamber clamp for stability during underground use.

CBS C-680 Bulldog Winch

CBS C-680 Bulldog Winch

Strength, ease, adaptability, and the reliability you expect from a CBS product, the C-680 Bulldog Winch is your new best friend for installing fibre optic cables in both aerial and underground applications.

Powered by a 11hp Honda GX390 engine – that starts on the first pull – controlled by a bespoke circuit design, the BullDog can provide the speed required for the job from inching and very slow speed control in both directions, even under tension. This is particularly useful when using the C-680 for overhead installations.

Constructed from sturdy steel yet designed to be light weight and compact, the C-680 Bulldog is tough to see the job through but can be towed easily behind a small SUV, or van via a universal hitch. The Winch is loaded with a 600m rope making it highly versatile for long distance work requirements, and can easily manoeuvred into position by a single person. Operational stability is provided by ground anchors at the tow bar or by using the towing vehicle.


CBS Duct Rodders

CBS Duct Rodders

Crucial for underground installation of cabling, the Duct Rodders fill a multitude of uses from cleaning ducts to locating paths, threading lines, and even pulling cables. The frequent use of a duct rodder often leaves it subject to wear and tear which is why you need the best in the business.

CBS Duct Rodders combine the ease of operation with reliable performance to increase the efficiency of your rodding operations. We use the highest quality materials to produce durable and long lasting duct rodders.

What Make CBS Rodders Different?

Considered to be the best duct rodders on the market – and for good reason. We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality rodders that are renowned for their strength and durability.

Crafted from fibreglass using a proprietary process where the glass fibres are strictly uni-directional with an optimal density of 80% which results in substantially stronger rodders than pultruded manufacturing can offer. They are then covered in a UV stabilised, polypropylene thermoplastic jacket to provide excellent handling characteristics throughout its life span, and boost the corrosion resistance without adding weight.

Designed not to soften or lose tensile strength in hot weather nor become brittle under cold conditions, the CBS Duct Rodders can be used throughout the year.

Rodder Carriers

Each Duct Rodder is mounted on a tough frame that assists with the payout/pay-in of the rod using an eyebolt with nylon bushing design. This frame is crafted from tubular steel alloy and powder coated for corrosion resistance to last as long as the Duct Rodders.

Larger diameter carriers are equipped with inboard wheels for easier manoeuvrability on site and features a hand-operated brake to control payout.

Rodder Ends

CBS Rodders come supplied with a male threaded end fitting with a tapered head on the leading end, and a female threaded fitting on the back end and can be used with the following accessories to easily meet the needs of the job at hand.

  • Flexible Leader – Large and small, this leader manoeuvres around corners effectively.
  • Roller guide – Over an existing cable or empty conduit, the roller guide reduces the amount of pushing force required.
  • Swivel Coupling – This coupling rotates freely to prevent rotation of the rod when being pulled, avoiding any twisting or breakage that could occur.
CBS Lightweight Capstan Winch – Where Versatility Meets Ease

CBS Lightweight Capstan Winch – Where Versatility Meets Ease

Versatile general purpose winch, the Lightweight Capstan Winch packs a powerful pulling capacity of 1000kg when powered by the 8 HP engine, and 500kg when powered by the lighter 5.5 HP engine. this makes the C-1035 perfect for pulling lines for fibre optics and small diameter power conductors.

The simple and elegant design of this winch combines a reliable Honda gasoline engine with a right angle gear box with is all mounted onto a capstan. This design can be positioned over a manhole for easy lifting and pulling. The integrated crossbar stabiliser is practical and can be stored within the frame for a more compact size when transporting and storing.

The simple design also lends a simple operation and maintenance so that the Capstan Winch spends more of its time on the job and not in the garage, making it one of our most productive pieces of equipment.

CBS C-1350 Cable Pusher – Pushing Through the Trenches

CBS C-1350 Cable Pusher – Pushing Through the Trenches

Ideal for installing cables in trenches and underground work, the CBS C-1350 Cable Pusher boosts the efficiency of your team by providing the often needed mid-assisting support between the cable reel and winch.

Hydraulically driven and powered by an external power pack with an output of 4 gallons/minute and 1500 max psi for peak performance we recommend using the C-1203 Hydraulic Power Pack which features an integrated oil cooler which is required for long periods of work.

Compatible with a wide range of accessories, the C-1350 can meet all your cable pushing needs, and can be used with the following:

  • Corrosion protected steel “V” Frame Guide Set is positioned in front of the cable reel to guide the cable into the trench or duct.
  • The Trench Feed Roller, also manufactured from corrosion protected steel, features adjustable vertical guide rollers designed to feed cables into trenches or ducts.
  • Hoop Rollers, Heavy Duty Cable Rollers or Trench Rollers can be used at necessary intervals to help minimise cable drag.
  • Corner Rollers should be used for guiding cable around corners and reducing friction.

CBS C-821 Hydraulic Universal Winch

CBS C-821 Hydraulic Universal Winch

Highly regarded as the best winch produced by CBS Products, the C-821 Hydraulic Universal Winch is highly suited to ADSS installations, but can also be used for general aerial stringing work, conductor recovery, and even underground cable handling as well. When installing ADSS cable you need a winch that you can trust to provide optimal service throughout the job.

Rugged and powerful, while being east to position and control, the C-821 is easy to set up. Double grooved bullwheels provide superior handling of the pulling rope providing constant maximum tension capability. The chassis is constructed of your steel and features manually operated stabilising props to assist when pulling.

Fitted with a semi-automatic layering arm provides you with the ability to monitor the pulling rope being wound and make manual adjustments as necessary. The powerful Honda GTX 390 engine drives a tandem hydraulic pump – one drives the high torque, fixed displacement motor on the bullwheel drive grearbox to provide constant tension. Sealed hydraulic oil tank is outfitted with an inlet filter/breather as wheel as return and suction filters.

Operator friendly controls have been designed to be ergonomic is use and provide complete control over the operation of the winch. A spring centred lever controls the direction of the bullwheel, while a detented lever engages the take-drum drive. A control knob is used to limit the rope/cable tension using the panel mounted tension indicator.

The pulling rope of the C-821 can be stored on a de-mountable drum reel for easy storage and is driven independently of the bullwheels to provide a nominal back tension that always matches the speed of the pulling rope.