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C-780 Overhead Line Construction Winch

Designed to give reliable, flexible winching system to meet all 11/33kV work, together with some 66kV and 132kV maintenance requirements. The system employs a range of drums to suit particular applications. The powerful winch is mounted on a robust steel chassis with...

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Grips and Come Along Clamps.

CBS supply's a range of self gripping clamps and grips, designed to suit a variety of conductors and applications. Range taking self gripping clamps to suit 6mm to 41mm aluminium, ACSR, steel and copper conductors, the range taking liners are available to...

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CBS C-1045 Pull and Assist Winch – Power and Ease of use

Designed to exceed the requirements of installing underground cables, the CBS C-1045 Pull and Assist Winch employs a large 32″ diameter single capstan to provide controlled pulling force on rope or tape. This single capstan design allows the winch to be placed at the mid point of a section to assist in the pull enabling longer overall pull lengths.

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