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Cable Duct Protection

Manufactured from Zinc plated Steel, the Bellmouth comes in separable halves to guide the Cable through the Duct to avoid damage to both the Cable and Duct.

Ordering Info

Product NoDescription
D-206-60-FSteel Bellmouth 60-69mm
D-206-80-FSteel Bellmouth 76-89mm
D-207-90-FSteel Bellmouth 90-97mm
D-207-100-FSteel Bellmouth 99-106mm
D-207-125-FSteel Bellmouth 124-130mm
D-207-150-FSteel Bellmouth 148-155mm
D-207-160-FSteel Bellmouth 152-176mm
D-207-175-FSteel Bellmouth 173-190mm
D-207-200-FSteel Bellmouth 194-212mm
D-207-230-FSteel Bellmouth 220-239mm
D-207-250-FSteel Bellmouth 246-266mm