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Hydraulic Drum Jacks

Lightweight hydraulic drum jacks, which are almost indispensable for use in the cable yard. Versatile and easily adjustable within seconds to accommodate a vast range of drums. Excellent all-round stability, fitted with wheels to be easily moved by one person. Complete with spindle and collars.


Capacity/Pair3 Tonne6 Tonne 10 Tonne
Min Drum Dia:800mm880mm1080mm
Max Drum Dia:2500mm 3000mm3500mm
Weight per pair:106kg121kg180kg
Spindle Weight: 30kg 44kg53kg


hydraulic drum jacks

Ordering Info

Product NoDescription
D-536-F Hydraulic Drum Jack – 3 Tonne
D-536-01-F Hydraulic Drum Jack – 6 Tonne
D-536-02-F Hydraulic Drum Jack – 10 Tonne