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Fused Swivels

Fused swivels are used in applications where the pulling force must not be exceeded. The fuses are replaceable and allow the swivel to break when then maximum applied load equals the rating of the fuse.


Body Dia: 22mm Body
Length: 105mm
Jaw Opening: 10mm
Weight: 0.2Kg

Ordering Info

Product NoDescription
D-566-01-F Fused Swivel Body 22mm
D-566-02-F Shear Pin 3kN 10 Pack – Blue
D-566-03-F Shear Pin 2kN 10 Pack – Brass
D-566-04-FShear Pin 4kN 10 Pack – Silver
Shear Pin 8kN 10 Pack - Black


Fused Swivels