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Petrol Driven Drill – TED 270PFLS

A must for drilling wooden poles on site. Petrol powered, this sturdy drill makes light work of boring holes in poles.
Lightweight and able to be used in any position, the fuel lasts for around 50 minutes running time. Fitted with ½ inch chuck.
A full range of wood augers available on request.


Weight: 4kg

Petrol Driven Drill – TED 270PFLS

Ordering Info

Product NoDescription
D-779-F Petrol Driven Auger Drill
D-779-13-F Auger Bit for Wood 13x300mm
D-779-14-FAuger Bit for Wood 14x300mm
D-779-16-F Auger Bit for Wood 16x450mm
D-779-18-FAuger Bit for Wood 17.5x450mm
D-779-19-F Auger Bit for Wood 19x450mm
D-779-22-F Auger Bit for Wood 22x450mm
D-779-25-FAuger Bit for Wood 25x450mm