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Petrol Driven Auger Drill – STIHL BT45

A high quality tool for drilling wooden poles on site. Petrol powered, this sturdy drill makes light work of boring holes in all sizes of pole.

The STIHL BT45 is powered by the same two-stroke mixture as chainsaws.

A highly effective anti-vibration system and non-slip handles ensure safe and comfortable operation.


Quick Release chuck for drills with shank diameter upto 13mm

Planting Auger

Adapter for mounting planting hole drills and a second handle for ergonomically correct use of the machine as an earth auger.

Drill Bits
Wood Drills (dia mm) up to 25. Planting hole drills (dia inches) 3, 4 & 5.


Displacement: 27.2cm³
Power Output: 0.8kW

1st Gear: 663 rpm
2nd Gear: 1,972 rpm
Reverse: 590 rpm

Weight: 4.8kg


Petrol Driven Auger Drill – STIHL BT45

Ordering Info

Product NoDescription
D-779-100-F Petrol Driven Auger Drill
D-779-13-F Auger Bit for Wood 13x300mm
D-779-14-FAuger Bit for Wood 14x300mm
D-779-16-F Auger Bit for Wood 16x450mm
D-779-18-FAuger Bit for Wood 17.5x450mm
D-779-19-F Auger Bit for Wood 19x450mm
D-779-22-F Auger Bit for Wood 22x450mm
D-779-25-FAuger Bit for Wood 25x450mm