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Insulated Ratchet Cable Cutters

The D-806-32-INS-F Insulated Ratchet Cutter features real one-handed operation.  The unit is easy to use, with pull-back blade release and features professional multi-coated insulation.

The cutter has an open-ended cutting edge for easy application, and is well suited for service panels and narrow cable ducts.

Each part is replaceable.

Also available is an insulated blade cover for use with the tool.

The unit is suitable for Cu/Al cable up to 32mm diameter multi-conductor cable, or 250mm2 single core cable.

Insulated Ratchet Cable Cutters
Insulated Ratchet Cable Cutters Insulated Blade Cover

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D-806-32-INS-F Insulated Ratchet Cutter

D-806-32-COVER-FInsulated Blade Cover