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Rope Connectors

Rope Connectors provide as an effective method of jointing pulling grips


Product NoSWLDia (mm)Length (mm)Jaw OpeningPin Dia (mm)Weight (kg)
D-956 500kg16517.550.04
D-956 1000kg2255970.09
D-1169 3500kg37881512.730.45
D-802 4500kg409015140.52
D-1164 6000kg5010818161.04
D-1164-01 **6000kg5012418160.90

**Features clevis on one end and jaw on far end.

Rope Connectors

Ordering Info

Product NoDescription
D-956 Rope Connector – 500kg
D-956 Rope Connector – 1000kg
D-1169 Rope Connector - 3500kg
D-802 Rope Connector – 4500kg
D-1164 Rope Connector - 6000kg
D-1164-01 Rope Connector - 6000kg