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Duct Rod Pusher


The duct rod pushers are designed to assist in rodding operations. The units are mounted on sturdy, anti corrosion treated tubular steel frame, and fitted with pneumatic tyres, with hydraulic controls mounted on the frame for ease of transportation. The pushers are fitted with a tilting extendable boom, and chamber clamp for use in underground structures.


  • Spring loaded self-centring fail safe operating lever.
  • Measuring counter with reset lever.
  • Front boom extending to 1 metre with angle facility dropping into underground chamber.
  • Extendable chamber clamp for attaching to sidewalls. Range 400 – 800mm.
  • Angle of operation 0-45º.
  • Lifting eye.
  • Split pusher body which lifts and rotates to allow removal of duct rod.
  • Anti crush control to prevent damage to rod.
  • Disc spring controlled screw clamp to engage drive belts onto the rod.
  • Cast aluminium body.
  • Moulded profiled drive belts.
  • Front mounted sub duct clamps – specify duct diameter when ordering.
Product NoDescription
C-1270-0001-04Duct Rod Pusher - 50cc motors
C-1258-0200-25Sub Duct Clamp Collet 25mm o/d (x2 required)
C-1258-0200-32Sub Duct Clamp Collet 32mm o/d (x2 required)
C-1258-0200-38Sub Duct Clamp Collet 38mm o/d (x2 required)
C-1258-0200-40Sub Duct Clamp Collet 40mm o/d (x2 required)
C-1258-0200-50Sub Duct Clamp Collet 50mm o/d (x2 required)
C-1270-AS1055-S25-50mm o/d Sub Duct Bracket Assembly to attach to Duct Rod frame





Diameter Range:                    14-25mm

Installation speed:                 0-30m/min*

Pushing/Pulling capacity:     220kgs at 60bar

Length:                                      1050mm

Width:                                        700mm

Height:                                       760mm

Weight:                                      53kg

* When used with the CBS C-1203-F power pack