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Analog Dynamometers

A Dynamometer specially designed for accurate tensioning of overhead line conductors. The units are very compact and light, yet have an easy read dial. The accuracy is ±3% of full scale and they are supplied complete in a heavy-duty leather case.


CapacityLength mm
Diameter mmEye Diameter mmWeight kg
Analog Dynamometer
Analog Dynamometer Case

Case supplied with all Dynamometers

Ordering Info

Product No Description
D-732-05-F Dynamometer – 5kN
D-732-10-FDynamometer – 10kN
D-732-20-F Dynamometer – 20kN
D-732-30-F Dynamometer – 30kN
D-732-50-F Dynamometer – 50kN

Digital Load Indicators

The new digital load indicators are compact measuring devices for the weighing of loads. On account of their flexibility, these load indicators are suitable for a multitude of applications. Whether used as a conventional crane weigher or to measure forces, it is the economical choice for various applications. They are very simple and straight forward to use! The load indicators have an LCD display, which can tare as well as show either the gross or net load. It also indicates overload at 110% of the rated capacity and status of the battery.


  • High Accuracy
  • Lightweight Design
  • Easy to read display
  • Easy to use
  • Robust design
  • Retains peak value to memory
  • Up to 200 operating hours from a single battery charge
  • Automatic setting to zero when switched on
  • Use of rechargeable batteries possible
  • Display of maximum weight (net/gross)
  • Display of measuring units at the load indicator
  • Measuring units: Kg, tonnes, lbs and kN
  • Automatic standby for long battery life
  • Simple change of batteries
  • Battery low warning
  • Overload warning


ModelRange/ Kg Accuracy % of Nominal LoadResolution Step / Kg
0 – 1,000 0.21
D-731-025-F0 – 2,500 0.21
D-731-05-F0 - 5,000 0.21
Variants of up to 100T capacity available on request.
Digital Load Indicators

Ordering Info

Product No Description
D-731-01-FDigital Dynamometer
D-731-025-F Digital Dynamometer
D-731-05-F Digital Dynamometer